Hello, my name is Ronald Batdorf SR. I would like to introduce myself to  you. I attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA where I  earned a BME in Music Education and a BM in piano performance. Later I  attended Rowan University (NJ) where I earned a MA in Education and  piano performance. I have also earned 33 Post-Graduate credits in  Education Administration. 

During my more then 30 years of teaching I directed over 50 plays  including three original copyrighted musicals of my own. I was the  Music, Theater, and Choral Director at the Charles W. Lewis Middle  School (Blackwood, NJ), the Magnolia Public School (NJ), and at the F.  W. Holbein Middle School (Mount Holly, NJ). I conducted Show Choirs,  Concert Chorus, Gospel Choirs, Women’s Ensembles, and other various  choirs. These various performing groups won more then 18 first-place  awards, more then 12 second-place awards, and numerous other individual  and group awards in competitions in Williamsburg (VA), Burlington (VT),  Montreal (Canada), and Hershey (PA). We performed in Virginia,  Washington, D.C., New Hampshire, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlantic  City, Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, and in Canada.

Since 2000 I have been on staff at Gloucester County College (NJ)  instructing Music Courses. I have authored a textbook for college titled  “Appreciation of Musics”. I am also an Adjunct Instructor for  Burlington County College (NJ).   

Since 2004 I have composed over 600 songs for piano and voice. 

Most of these songs romantic ballads, both those which inspire us and  those which hurt us. I have transcribed arrangements of favorite hymns,  composed songs about our favorite holidays, and songs of inspiration for  the Lord. 

There are songs about people and their deeply kept feelings; about you,  and me. Songs which are reminiscent of years gone by and of the present. 

Bio Continued

I am a BMI composer and lyricist. In June of 2009 I had a full-length  demo recorded in Nashville and in March of 2010 my first commercial CD  was recorded in Nashville. It is titled “Cameos of Love”. Nashville  based Catherine Ament is the vocalist and I am pianist. Songs from this  CD are receiving air play in England, Canada, the United States and in  Australia.  

At present I am also working with another Nashville artist and a New  York based artist. One of my songs are also being used by a vocalist  from the Boston area with another two being used by a Toronto area  Producer. Six of my compositions are presently being promoted by Charlie  Ray Music of Nashville. 

I have been married for 38 years to my wife Sandra. We have a  wonderful son, Ronald JR, and lovely daughter-in-law Samantha, and our  life’s delight, Sabrina, our 6-year old grand-daughter. Sabrina is  entering the first grade and makes each of our lives so much fuller each  day. Ron JR and Sandy are the owners of The Care Source (a home health  care agency) and Sandy is the CAN (Certified Nursing Assistant) teacher  at Camden County Technical School in Pennsauken. 

Since the age of 13 until 2003, I was organist, pianist, and music  Director for the Community of Christ Church in Woodbury (NJ). I have  also served as organist at St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church in  Philadelphia, All Saints in Riverside (NJ), as well as churches in  Pitman and Wenonah (NJ). Presently I am organist here at Asbury United  Methodist Church and at Haines Neck United Methodist Church. 

In 1976 I was ordained into the Priesthood of my Church and served as  Pastor in the Woodbury congregation in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. I  was active in the National Park and West Deptford Ministerium for nearly  15 years.  

God has richly blessed my family and I throughout the years and we continue to walk with Him as the director of our lives.  


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